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Everyone keeps saying that Daft Punk should have removed their helmets after receiving their award, but they’ve come too far to give up who they are



Okay, so as you can see, I have a TON of dice. And I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway for a little while now, so I figured, why not share my dice collection?

I will be giving away one full set of dice picked at random from my collection. So long as it’s not already part of an existing full set or something that’s unique in my collection (sorry, you won’t be getting my bone die), it’s fair game!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with dice sets, it will include: One d4, one d6, one d8, one d10, one d%, one d12, and one d20. (Pictures only to show shapes and do not necessarily reflect what kind of patterns I have)


  • You do not have to be following me
  • One like and one reblog only! (tumblr only shows notes from one of each anyways, why would you spam your followers if it won’t increase your chances?)
  • I don’t care if you use a sideblog or giveaway-only blog, but don’t abuse the system, please.
  • Askbox must be open! I won’t have a way to contact you otherwise, since I don’t always trust tags.
  • Winners must respond within 48 hours or I pick someone else.
  • You have to be comfortable with giving me your address! This is a physical prize, it’s got to get to you somehow.
  • I will ship internationally! However, I am not responsible for any customs, but I will mark it as a gift and estimate the value appropriately. (Dice are cheap, after all)
  • Winners will be selected via random number generator. Appropriate, considering that dice are random number generators themselves.
  • It’d be nice if you didn’t reblog this as a link, so the rules can stay visible for your followers, but this won’t be strictly enforced.
  • ENDS MARCH 10!

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can i have a hug

of course! come to my arm, ahaha~

i see you're missing an arm. hey climb up a tree, hang from a branch, and then wave at me. it'll be fun.

anon come here and let my lusus give you a hug <3

have you ever tried to escape from the web of a giant spider because i reckon that'd be pretty exhilarating

… i feel a fucking need to do this now.




oooh, new faces!

hey, sup with you?

h—hey,nothing much just looking for a mod shop and you?

ooh? well, seems like ya came to the right place then!

… though i’m not much of a mod shop, more like a hobbymodder.

right! so, watcha want?


to celebrate 5,000 follovwers ivwe decided to givwe out this groovwy leather jacket! read on to find out howv to enter in the drawv

  • you must be ok vwith givwing me a shipping address if you vwin.
  • the jacket showvn is a medium but it vwill be ordered to fit the vwinner’s size.
  • to enter all you need to do is like and reblog this post. you can reblog it as many times as you like but please keep in mind your follovwers too!
  • i vwill announce a vwinner at the end of january

(good luck guys!)

((And i start this blog with the jacket i am now sexually attracted to

good going Olivia.))

I t ' s

m e !
me and my sweet lusus!

((Art by lugubriousalpaca))

i'll write something here later


may or may not be true